Throwback MP3 Interview: Three 6 Mafia (2007)

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Story and interview by Matthew Shack  

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On March 5, 2006, film history was made.


Three 6 Mafia became first hip-hop group ever to win an Oscar for Best Song.

 Any African American nominee taking home an Academy Award is a rarity within itself, but "Oscars in the Hood"?


This is a BIG deal.


Only 21 statues in 79 years of the annual presentation have been given out to black folks ...and seven of those are in musical categories.


Isaac Hayes, Irene Cara, PrinceStevie WonderLionel Richie,Herbie Hancock, and Three 6 Mafia.


After multi-platinum albums, an Oscar, and being widely considered as a hip-hop super group...they did like your boy,  Jed Clampett.


''So they loaded up the truck... and they moved to Beverlyyyy......Hollywood, that is!"


MTV's new reality show, “Adventures in HollyHood” stars "Three 6" members Juicy J, DJ Paul and their Memphis crew ofdown-south homeboys, as they move to Hollywood as major players, fresh off of an Oscar win.

Is Hollywood ready for a car load of pimps?  


Hell no!


The Flow's own, Matthew Shack chops up 'southern game'  in "Lost Angeles" with Three 6 Mafia.

Three 6 Mafia 2


TFM: You guys have had a lot of personnel changes. What's the official line up now?  Y'all bringing Project Pat in the mix?  


DJ Paul: Project Pat, he's an unofficial band member of the group. He's not in Three 6 Mafia but we're not putting anyone else in the group or nothing like that.  


TFM: You we're the first rap group from Memphis to go platinum, y'all won the Academy Award...what kind of obligation do you feel to your area to make sure that Three 6 does it BIG everytime you drop something?  

DJ Paul: Man! Anytime we do something we ALWAYS incorporate Memphis in it. Anything we do? It's gonna beMemphis. You feel me?  

 I feel you!   


DJ Paul:  Even at the Oscars when we were on stage it wasMemphis...Memphis, TennesseeYou gotta keep that Memphiscause that's where we started and that's where we live at. That's our hometown. They showed us love there first before anybody showed us love. So we gotta keep it Memphis, man.


TFM: With Tennessee as a whole with Young Buck included, you guys are putting a lot of heat out there. Do you feel thatTennessee has been misrepresented in hip-hop, over the last five to ten years or so?


 DJ Paul: It all good! Everybody gets their time to shine. Three 6 Mafia? We just work. We be in the studio a lot, and we just work. As far as like misrepresentation, or this or that, it's not really like so important to us. We just try to do music with other know...JUST KEEP THE BILLS PAID!!  You know what I mean?


TFM: Right, right.

DJ Paul:
 That's the main thing, keeping the bills paid. Then there's the whole thing of bringing up the city, bringing upTennessee, work with other artists like Young Buck...whoever.Project Pat, 'Lil White..gotta keep that shine, shining. Gotta stay..SHINE!

 You've got the television show with MTV, “Adventures in HollyHood”. Now, YOU KNOW...y'all are about as hood as it gonna get. How are y'all gonna mesh in Hollywood and show them how Three 6 does it in Tinseltown?

DJ Paul:
 You gotta watch it man! It's crazy!! Our lives is like a circus,

Three 6 Mafia 1
Juicy J:
 We out there clownin' man. We gonna put some "south in they mouth"... just wildin' out. We wild out on the whole show man. Just having some fun with it...letting them see how we do it.

 Y'all gonna have to tone it down a little bit because you know how y'all do it in Memphis. They may not be ready for the really real. Y'all might have to tone it down a couple of 1/2 steps.

DJ Paul:
 They getting 100% of it...they had to edit a lot of stuff out but they getting 100% of  Three 6 Mafia!

 I hear that!



Juicy J: You'll see it the rest of it on a DVD.


TFM:  [Laughing] The year anniversary of Crunchy Black leaving is approaching us, on June 6th. Do you have anything that you want to say that may have not been made clear on his departure from the group?

DJ Paul:
 That was his decision man. He wanted to pursue his own solo career so he got what he wanted, you know? And more power to him, man.

Three 6 Mafia 3

 What's up with this new 'Last To Walk'  LP?


 DJ Paul: Just about finished, man.


Juicy J:  Just about.


TFM: Y'all got a new sound? are you working with any new producers or stick with the sound that won you an Oscar?


DJ Paul: We're sticking with the formula, man. We got some guest appearance on the album. We got  a song with Good Charlotte.We got a song with 'Lil Jon, Chamillionaire, Crime Mob...we just keeping it Three 6. Keeping it, Memphis!

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