Throwback MP3 Interview: The Fixxers: DJ Quik & AMG (2007)

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Story and interview by Matthew Shack  
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DJ Quik is no longer the name and AMG's no longer the same.

It's ALL about "The Fixxers."

The West-West is making serious a come back, pimpin'.  Compton...Long Beach...Inglewoooodd!!!

The two West Coast legends teamed up in late '06 after squashing a long feud between them and popped-off one of the hottest single of '07, "Can U Werk Wit Dat", starring this month's Face Of The Flow, Jesikah Maxiumus.

Due to heavy rotation of the single, Quik (sans DJ) and AMG signed a deal with Interscope Records to distribute the club banger through their Dirty West Records imprint.

Their debut LP, The Midnite Life, include features from the likes of Rick Ross, Yung Joc, Tierra Marie, The Game, Jim Jones, and Boyz N Da Hood.

Since 1991 dropping heat which each other on Quik’s platinum blockbuster first album, “Quik Is the Name” and AMG’s smash hit, “Bitch Better Have My Money” …The Fixxers have set trends.

Now it’s time for them to "Fixx" music.

The Flow's
 own, Matthew Shack chops it up with Quik and AMG aka The Fixxers.


 I just came back from Spring Break '07 in Florida and they were STILL bumpin’“Bitch Better Have My Money” in the club and the floor was packed!! How does that make you feel? The song is 16 years old, pimp!

 I was 19 [year-old] making that record, you know what I’m sayin’? They FEEL it. They feel it the same way..they still get to party to it. That’s MUCH appreciated…WHO KNEW??

 It’s almost like a timestamp. If you look at how people cross the threshold. When they cross it, it happens for everybody…FOREVER. So by us making records, like around the time of that median and they were good records and they felt good…those records will always be pertinent. Because of the timestamp.


TFM: Fast-forwarding to 2007, when you guys came back into the studio did you have that same fire? Was it like putting on an old pair of pants…comfortable? Or has there been a change?

Fixxers 1

 I like the analogy…but to me it’s cargo pants. We got back down to work. We we’re honest with each other. There might have been some times when we didn’t agree but when we we’re young we always thought we we’re right. You know, "My way is the right way," and so on.If the other person would [challenge] me, I’d be like; "F*** that, it’s MY way." Now? It’s like we’re learning how to agree to disagree. It’s real mature now.

 Hey "AM"…do you feel that you’ve gotten your due as West Coast MC on the legendary tip?

 Ahh…I guess so.

 How so?

 The people are still loving it. I’m not regarded as The God MC and all that stuff but I was coming with the ”sex” s*** and slick talking s***...when the gangster shit hit? They kind of looked at my shit like,  "Oh, you’re just talking about p**sy." So it wasn’t really like, “This nigga’s hot, he’s just what’s happening.”

 But when does p**sy go out of style, though?



AMG: I don’t know...when GUNS came in style. (Laughing) When guns and killin’ niggas came in style.

 I think that goes back to this whole thing of “why do good girls love bad boys.” It was just wide open for  Snoop and Dre. When they took it over and did G-Funk, they were having the world they way. And  Tupac, he was still positive at that point with “Strictly For My Niggaz”.He got caught up in the little shit and he realized that “F*** it!. If I’m gonna have it hard…I might as well have 20 million dollars in my bank account and be a THUG and have it hard!”

 I recently talked to Nate Dogg and we started talking about the Death Row and Suge (Knight) …some of which I’m gonna keep private. Quik, do you have anything to say when you were on Tha Row?

 YEAH, YEAH! I’M GRATEFUL THAT SUGE DIDN’T KILL ME! I was hard to work with. This man had ideas for me and he had respect for me from being from the neighborhood. But I was just hard to work with...ignorant, young, wild and set in my ways and just f**kin’ up. I’m just glad I’m still here.

((( MP3 Audio Interview Below ))) Not Safe For Work




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