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Chris Brown getting sued for a Hat?

Yah... You heard it right. Chris Brown in trouble again. This time he can chalk it up to his boys for taking Marq Stevenson's hat.

Apparently he gave it to someone in Chris' entourage to get is signed by Chris but they never returned. Marq then claims he was bullied by Brown's crew after he tried to get his hat back. 

Now Stevenon is not trying to sue Chris for the $25 hat, $225 for the concert ticket and $2500 in damages for the bullying. Stevenson trying to get his paid. LOL!

Now let's analyze this for a second. Mr. Stevenson, if he has been any type of long term fan of Chris Brown is known'n Chris is trying to be a thug. So his boys that he hanging with most likely are trying to be about that life as well. And we all know that thug entertainers aren't down for male groupies. So he should have known that he was not going to get any love by asking for a signature on a hat. Once he let it leave his site then he should have known that there was little chances of it coming back. 

Now as far as his ends go... If I was a judge I'd give him the $25 for the hat but not the $225 for the ticket. Depending on the extent of the bullying maybe I'd give him $500. Definitely not $2500 though. If I was Chris. I'd settle out of court. Bring dude along back stage put a couple of girls on him for the night, send him home with some swag and I'm sure Mr. Marq Stevenson would be happy to call it even. But then again. $2750 for Chris Brown is just the appetizer to a night on the town. He could just as easily say what's your bank account. Easy Pay him through a Wells Fargo account and BAM! Probem dissolved. Sorry for your troubles. Hardly worth writing about.


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