Lil Wayne: Lawsuit with Universal

LilWayneConfusedRemember when Lil Wayne and Birdman were like family? Even Lil Wayne referred to Birdman like a father figure. Everything was all good and copescetic. But then the realities of the music business set in and what appeared to be the Brady Bunch turned into Daddy Dearest and that turned into a Lil Wayne suing the Birdman for $51 Million. You know the same ole drama.


But now there's a new twist. Lil Wayne is now suing Universal Music Group. Apparently be believes the company owes him the money they paid back to themselves through Cash Money to pay for the $100 million advance it paid Cash Money. Wayne is seeking over $20 million from Universal. 


$51 Million here, over $20 million there... This is obviously a fight neither parties are sweating over. This will most likely take place between lawyers and a courthouse... two place I am sure Lil Wayne or Birdman would like to stay away from if they can avoid it. But I'm sure neither Birdman or Wayne are starving and both probably have it to lose. I am sure we will here more about this as the story continues to develop. For more highlight on Hip Hop be sure to tune back in to

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