Big Sean Gets Leaked

BigSeanholdingUpWestSideSignBig Sean and Chance the rapper get their song 'Living Single leaked before it's release. You have to ask yourself, what's the motive behind leaking an artist's song before it's release. I mean, it's not like anyone takes credit for leaking someone's music. They always remain anonymous with no one having a clue to who dunnit. Of course, we as fans gobble up leaked music like M & Ms at a Sunday matinee. But how would you like it if someone leaked your next big hoorah. You might not be an artist releaseing music but even the 'Regular Joe' or 'Jane' looks forward to his/her moment. Maybe it's that new ride that you just slapped blades on. You look forward to rolling up the block with the new shoes for the first time. Imagine if someone took a picture of your ride when it was still at the shop with only one wheel on and blasted to over the internet to everyone in your hood the day before you pulled up or if someone snapped a pic of you shopping with you girls when you were trying on those fresh Lou Boutins so everyone knew you had them even before you made up your mind to buy them. That would kind of steal your thunder wouldn't it. Maybe music leaks are part of the publicity game for the artist. Maybe it's the age old adage, that if you're doing something you'll always have haters and haters will do anything to irk your groove even if it's only to make your next perfect release a little less than perfect. But I digress.

Nonetheless, Big Sean and Chance the rapper release a cool song with the throw back vibe that's cool to listen to with a nice story line. It'd be good to hear a lot of more of this style being released as it's a nice change up from the usual radio play. IF you haven't heard it. You can check it out here.

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