Flostradamus: Old School vs. New School

FlostradamusIn the battle of Old School Hip Hop vs. New School Hip Hop the debate is never ending especially when you talk to the veterans. In general the Generals of the game don't give the talent and school of New Schoolers any stripes at all. But that doesn't bother the duo that stands as Generals in their own right. Flostradamus says it's cool that the Old heads don't dig what's new coming out. They say that it's do to it's newness that the classic names of Hip Hop see it as completely foreign. The duo went on to explain is that means the art is pushing the envelope and breaking the molds to such a large degree that it is almost unrecognizeable to the originators. That's the essence of creativity and truly keeping the character of the art form.


Just remember back to the time when it was said that talking over beats wasn't music and scratching was destroying good music playing equipment. The only constant is change and Hip Hop is going through it's own. Soon old heads will only be able to find the music of their time of classic music stations. But before you baulk at that think back to the time when it was thought that Hip Hop was a fad and won't be around long enough to remember it was even a thing. But it's hear to stay in all of it's forms of evolution.

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