Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap Pays $80k for a new set fangs for Halloween.




So most of you fools would have a hard time dropping a dime on a retainer. Well Fetty Wap must have felt the pressure and insecurity about his grill so much that he felt the need to put the chisel to the tooth and have him a perfect set of pearly whites sculpted to replace is less than perfect smile. TMZ asked him if he'd still sport the jeweled grills not that he has dropped 80 stacks on a "made-to-look-real" grill set. 

I'm not mad at him at all. A lot of women will say they appreciate a man with a well kept set of ivorys. It certainly sets the smile apart from those that are less than ideal. I've always said before you buy the jewelry and get the Tatoos if you need it get that grill work done. It's like having a house with a crooked doors and windows. The value goes way up when you get those straight. Congrats to Fetty Wap man. The upgrade is a good look.


Now check out his latest collab with Israeli born French recording artist TAL Benyerzi signed to Warner Music France.








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