"Q", Founder of WorldStarHipHop.com Dies

On January 24th World Star Hip Hop founder  Lee “Q” O’Denat died of heart failure at a what police describe as a massage parlor in San Diego. The cause of death is heart disease with obesity considered a contributing factor, according to the coroner’s office.  TMZ first reported the death and WorldStar issued a statement confirming the news and said the site would continue.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the brotha for all that he accomplished with his endeavor. As I understand it he was a good man and a good father.

I went to the website and was surprised to see no mention of the death. I was expecting to see a video recognizing and appreciating it’s founder much the same way Apple appreciated Steve Jobs. Perhaps something will appear within the next few days at this just occurred whereas Jobs death was anticipated.

I hate to say it but World Star Hip Hop became popular due to it’s willingness to promote raunchiness and then place the label Hip Hop on top of it. Unfortunately that is not the basis of Hip Hop. It does however attract those that find entertainment in such things but it is not a site built solely on the nuances of Hip Hop. DJing, Rapping, Graffiti, Beat Making, and Dancing are all pillars of Hip Hop and these artist took advantage of the spectacles accumulated by World Star to expose their and promote their own endeavors but for a hefty price tag.

The success of “Q” as he is known is note-worthy for he had become the most visited Hip Hop website in the world. Even taking over long time leader AllHipHop.com. But I like the fact that over time the site has lost it’s use of the term Hip Hop and is mostly known by WorldStar because other than the true Hip Hop heads paying to be seen on it there is little to nothing Hip Hop about it.

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