OVO fest: Drake announces he is working on his new album

On August 7, hundreds of fans came together at the Budweiser Stage, Ontario to see their all time favourite rapper Drake performing at OVO Fest, 2017. The fest consisted of many other performances including that of Cardi B, Migos, Travis Scoot, The Weekend and many more such renowned artists. The crowd sang in unison and danced on the stupendous beats that were played at the fest. 

Drake’s performance left no stone unturned to bring charisma and energy that the crowd was anticipating from this annual show. The biggest surprise of the night was revealed when he announced about his work. He told the audience that he is working on his new album which shall soon be out to flatter again the hearts of his devotees. This major announcement has spread all over the world. Since many listeners have been waiting for new music from this rapper, a sigh of relief could be seen through their posts and comments on social media sites and other networking apps. The crowd got even more excited when they got to know that this album was made especially for the people of Drake’s hometown.

Not to be overlooked, OVO fest is one such event which always comes up with great news and ray of hopes for the music lovers.

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