Bruno Mars and John Mayer plan to collaborate with Chance the rapper

According to the latest news, Bruno Mars and Chance the rapper seem willing towards collaborating with each other. This happened over twitter when a fan of Mars asked, whom he wants to collaborate with and his answer came out to be "Chance". On the other side, after reading this, the famous rapper wrote, "Let’s make it happen, I already got the choreo ideas".


The statements of both the artists are clear enough to give an idea to all the fans that they are soon coming up with something thrilling and extraordinary. Since Chance is always looking forward to collaborate with great and talented people, the other news states that he is also planning something exciting with John Mayer. The duo was spotted on stage on Dave Chappelle’s Aug 17 show at Radio City Music Hall. During the show, a lot of curious minds questioned if both of them were interested in teaming up to bring out something innovative and classy. The best part is that the set of two left no stone unturned to spread the news that a record between the two is going to take place, soon.


The actual enthusiasm among the masses began the moment this information got spread. It is definitely going to be something huge and amazing, because the idea of one hip hop star joining forces with another means arrival of something that is beyond anticipation. Since both of them are excelling in working as a team, they will bring the best out of one another by putting all their efforts, productively.



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