Rapper Meek Mill Disappointed his Fans by Being Sentenced to 2-4 Years in Jail

30-year old Philly Rapper Meek Mill has been sentenced to 2-4 years imprisonment by a Philadelphia judge for violating probation approximately a decade ago. This was a 2008 drug and weapon case that opened up once again. The incident happened on 5th November thus leaving his fans, friends, and family into a great dismal.

Popularly known as Robert Rihmeek Williams, he has been sentenced twice this year. This happened firstly in March 2017 when he was seen fighting at St. Louis Airport and was arrested for quarreling with two airport employees. Secondly, he was charged in August for reckless driving in the city of New York. However, both the cases were later dropped when he promised to abide by the rules. The sources revealed that the Judge Genece E Brinkley gave rapper the multiple chances but he failed to prove himself. She said, “He does whatever he wants”.

As a way to safeguard him, the prosecutor refused William’s imprisonment stating that he has been proved drug free since January and has complied the community as well as probation requirements. Similarly, Mill’s lawyer, Brian McMonagle has also vowed for the appeal and wanted that case should be reviewed one last time else it would cast a glooming effect on the rapper’s music career.


Accounting to his popularity, many artists, celebs, and entertainers came out to defend the rapper and badly criticized the judge’s decision.

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