Rick Ross talks about Meek Mill in an interview


Since the beginning of this month, Meek Mill’s prison sentence has been one of the important stories amongst masses. The judge gave Meek two to four years behind the bars. Since this announcement, his lawyers have been trying extremely hard to get him out of this cage. No only is the lawyer putting his best, but Meek Mill’s fans have also showed immense love for their rapper. They did this by rallying in unison in support of this artist.

On the contrary, Rick Ross came up with some strong statements regarding Mill’s announcement, in an interview with Tim Westwood. He used Meek Mill’s situation to throw some light on various topics of injustice that are rapidly taking place every now and then, not only in one country but everywhere across the globe.

"What I want to continue to express is for everybody who is at home in the same struggle, let’s use Meek Mill’s attention to shed light on a problem we that we know is bigger than Meek Mill. We gon' scream Meek name and just make sure we fight this injustice that's going on for young black males that's in the game, period. This is going on all around the world, you dig? So when I say Meek name, I'm really speaking for everybody that's in the struggle. Everybody that's going through it. Everybody that's jammed up," Rick Ross said.

"When I sat with Meek's mom, she got to say some powerful things to me and all our surroundings. Make sure we all stay positive and that's what we gon' do. We gon' stay positive and just hold Meek down and you know we here, it's most definitely an injustice. Homie done did over a decade without a new crime," he said, "What else more can you ask for?"

While Meek Mill’s case is coming up with too many statements and opinions from different corners of the world, our aim at The Flow Online will always be to gather all these information in the right manner for our readers to have a look. Since, most of you are in support of this rapper, we would suggest you to keep a track of our website and keep reading about what comes new about this case.

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