Famous rapper Drake donates $50K to a homeless shelter

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It has been found that Drake recently donated $50K to a Miami’s local women’s shelter. This amount has been gifted by him to this homeless women and children shelter for their new construction needs. It came out as a surprise for them, leaving the entire shelter, overwhelmed, amazed and joyous.

However, it doesn’t come out as something too surprising on Drake’s part because he’s been found doing these charitable donations in previous years, as well. Back in August 2017, he donated $200,000 to Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts.

Earlier, he was found donating, twenty-five thousand dollars to Miami High School, fifty thousand dollars to certain strangers for buying groceries in Miami, fifty thousand to a university student for tuition fee payments, and now this hefty amount for the betterment of homeless children and women.

Howbeit, there are rumors that this sudden donation has come through because the Six God is planning to release an album. While, he is already having a successful and happy 2018 after his release of "God’s plan", "Walk it Talk it" and "Diplomatic Immunity", it is said that his upcoming "God’s Plan" video will again make him grab a lot of public attention, profit and popularity.


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It has also been said, this video might also consist of scenes representing Drake’s charitable acts. It however, might only be a rumor because not confirmation has been given.

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