Craig Mack R.I.P.


Craig Mack dies at age 47 of possible heartt failure.


With only two Albums consisting of Project Funk and Flava in your year Craig Mack still managed to changed the game forever. There are few records that changed the game in this manner and Flava In Your Year is one of them. 

I can remember back when I first heard the song back in the Bay Area on KMEL 106.1. The DJ may have been Chui Gomez or maybe not... I can't quite remember but when the song first came on I was like "What is this?"... then about mid way through the second chorus I was bobbing my head like I had never bobbed my head before. 

 If you remember Craig Mack and 'Flava in Your Ear' was the song that kicked off Bad Boy back when Diddy was Puffy if you remember that. As the story goes though, Craig Mack wasn't really feeling the song. He actually didn't like the beat. But fortunately or unfortunately, he wasn't known for being able to pick good beats fout. But we all know that Diddy aka Puffy was well known for picking out the tracks that were destined for greatness. So Puffy talked Craig into rapping over this track even though Craig didn't really like it. That's why Craig is kind of layed back on the track where his style is more gritty and aggressive. But it worked out. Now, at the time,Puff had Craig and Biggie but decided to go with Craig out the gate because he knew that the Craig beat combo was what was going to launch his label just right.

 Leter though Puffy and Craig went their separate ways due to creative differences and after some time Craig received some spiritual enlightenment but that was all to be heard from Mr. Mack as far as the limelight. 

 Reminiscing on the song I can remember the club dance floor being empty and once the DJ put on Flava In Yo Ear the dance floor would get packed as you would grab anybody just so you can get on the dance floor. The song was that hard. Now all we have is memories.

 But some of us OGs that have been around for a while are getting to that point where our idols are outa here. My Dad always told me that if you live long enough you are going to see some people die. So we have appreciate what we have now and what we had yesterday. We had some good music and much of it shaped the music scene and even lifestyle we have today. 

 Go home today and put on Craig Mac Flava in Your Ear at least once in his memory. Play both the original and the remix. Although is body of work was small his impact will have his name hanging on the walls of Hip Hop history forever. Here's to Craig Mac. RIP.

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