Fetty Wap gives away gift cards this time on the occasion of Easter

Fetty Wap Easter giveaway


Fetty Wap was found giving away gift cards in his hometown, this time, since Easter is right around the weekend. This happened on Tuesday, when this famous rapper, surprisingly reached his home town, New Jersy, to team up with Price Rite for giving away gift cards at the local mall.

According to a website (which is being run by a local citizen), hundreds of people had lined up outside the mall for collecting the extra cash that he was distributing for their holiday dinners and for catching a glance of him. Since Fetty Wap is one of the most loved artists across the world, their fans do not want to leave any chance when it comes to meeting this celebrity live.

While recalling his time when he lived on food stamps, he stated that “Anything I can do to help especially with my hometown I’m going to always be there”. He also added “Coming from not having anything to being able to do a lot more than what I did growing up, to be able to live a different lifestyle, it kind of really empowered me to help as many people as I could.”


fetty wap easter gifts


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