Details on 03 Greedo’s prison sentencing and drug charge

03-greedo prison sentencing


A very shocking and unfortunate news has been revealed by 03 Greedo where he states that he will be put to prison for about 20 years due to the drug and gun charges from 2016. While in-depth information about the same was not very clear till past-few days, now it has been completely exposed that the rapper is being sent behind the bars due to his old case where he was caught smelling marijuana.

The announcement sounds confirmed as of now, because the news was revealed by the celebrity, himself. He used twitter for spreading this information for his fans and later also added that he will be leaving only after his tour gets winded up.

While fans were in complete shock after this news was put across, he made sure that a glimpse of smile still remains on their face and hence he clearly stated that the tour will take place in the same manner without any changes or delays. 

Greedo’s tweet:
"Sorry i let my fans down. At least we got some great music before i left yall. I wish icoulda stayed with my family but life isnt fair to some of us. Plenty music will be released while im gone. Promise me you will love me forever,"


03 Greedo’s drug charge


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