Cardi B and Nicki Minaj found taking a selfie



Monday night has turned out to be pretty amazing for the popular artist Nicki Minaj and her fans, because not only did she announce that she is coming up with a new album called Queen, but also informed everyone that the same will be released on June 15th which is just five weeks away.

While talking to the media, she stated: “It’s a big night for me because I just let the world know that my album is coming on June 15, and it’s called Queen, and I can’t wait,”

After this announcement, came another shock, where Nicki Minaj was found talking to Cardi B. Not only were they simply talking, but also taking selfies with each other at the Met Gala. While most of the people would never believe this news, it is for their surprise that the two were not only talking but also smiling which shows something good is brewing up between them both. There was also a time, where Cardi’s hand was spotted on her chest, as if Nicki had complimented her and in she accepted it with full gratitude.




It is undoubtedly a big win for the hip hop industry to have both of them sharing a good bond with each other. Just in case we get to know what was brewing up between the two, we will let you know about it in detail. Till then keep in touch with us at The Flow Online because our team will not let you miss out on anything crispy, latest and important. We understand your love for your favorite celebrities and hence promise to put out every possible information the moment they reach us. Our aim is to keep you updated with all the right stories and we put in every possible effort to make that come true. To know more, call or mail. 

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