The Game plans to hire interns for his album work

The Game plans to hire interns for his album work

Any person who has been looking for a chance to enter the hip hop industry and work for it, has fetched a good opportunity since The Game has been looking for two interns.

He recently posted a video and captioned it saying: “I’m looking for two new summer interns,”one male and one female to help me while I finish my last album — and also with my day-to-day schedule,”“Must be available 10-12 hours a day, have your own vehicle and one hell of a resume.”

“Be ready to work and come in very humbled, focused and ready to build,”“I’ll review them personally as fast as I can and holla as soon as I can,”“I can promise you, this will be a life-changing experience.”

He does not plan to be bias or partial at all! He clearly states that the selection will be based on the basis of a person’s calibre, hard work and also the resume.

He has openly posted this vacancy and anybody who feels is capable of being a part of this must apply for this post since this can totally be a unique and a matchless experience for them.

The reason why he is planning to get an intern is because he wants to spare some time for working on his upcoming album which he also says is going to be his last.

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