JMSN “Velvet” to release this September

JMNS Velvet

A great news for JMSN fans has just dropped by. It says that his upcoming album is going to release this fall i.e. in the month of September, which we all know is not very far anymore. This multi talented artist who is not just a singer but also a great musician and a producer informed his fans himself about this plan. He used twitter as a platform to announce it like various other artists because this is one of the best sources to put across a news of this sort, because it gives you a good way to express your heart out.

“The New Album will be called 'Velvet' and it's out in September. Artwork and Tracklist to come later,”is what he wrote in his tweet. While we all still have to wait for three months to know what this entire album is going to be all about, a little something from his work can be seen and heard for now which is called “Talk is cheap”.

However, a chaos got created on the google when this artist got tagged as the owner of the album. To clear away doubts of the people who had been thinking that this was JSMN’s work, he tweeted :

“Guys there is no new album today sorry the assholes at google fucked some shit up and they put my name on some randoms album,”

The problem however has got sorted to a great extent after he updated this tweet, but there are still a lot of people who are seeing his name on google while browsing that album. Hoping this would cut down entirely in some days and the announcement of his upcoming work will occupy the wind entirely. To know more about what next is coming in the hip hop world, stay in touch with us at The Flow Online. We look forward to hear from you. 

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