Post Malone’s surprise appearance at Rock Festival, Japan!

Post Malone’s Rock Festival Japan

Post Malone gave a surprise entry at the Mac Demarco’s Rock Festival (Fuji) in Japan which took place this weekend. He arrived at the event as a surprise guest. This plan was kept hidden from the audiences to create excitement and amazement amongst the masses, which was very much visible across them the moment he joined the event.

In lieu of performing or singing one of his hits, he was found playing the egg shaker. His Japan tour was not only about this event but something else extremely interesting has also come out of it. Yes! The artist has got a new tattoo on his face. He already had 2 tattoos on his face beneath his eyes, the one he has got recently is inked on the side of his head. Though it is not very clear as to what the tattoo is all about, but the sight of him having something on his head was clearly visibly through his pictures and clips. And hence, we know that this for sure is his new tattoo.

While this is all about how Japan sung in unison and enjoyed presence of their favorite artist Post on the stage, we will keep you updated with what this artist plans to do next. To know more about your loved hip hop artists, stay in touch with us at Flow Online. We have all the latest news and we promise to put them across for you once they get confirmed. Till then, stay tuned! 

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