50 cent: Going completely new this week!

50 cent: Going completely new

We come across a lot of news on a regular basis, where top notch celebrities, artists and other rich and influential people are found blowing money in the clubs. While this is something that not each and every person can afford to do financially, big artists like these who are earning a great deal of money every year will come under no loss even if they blow out huge amounts every month.

Our sources have recently collected a new story in which 50 cent has been found blowing money in a strip club. He was then found collecting them all from the stage once he was done throwing them with zeal and enthusiasm. Seems like the artist has no chill. This comes out as a rare case, where a celeb who has been earning millions of dollars each year takes back all his money after throwing it on girls in a strip club. No other artist, as far as we know, has been doing this lately.

This took place at Angels Club in New York where he sat and enjoyed with his friends. Once he was done throwing his money, he quickly gathered a big bunch of it and moved out of this club, like nothing really happened at all. This did not only leave the people around in shock but also disappointed the staff who entertained him the whole time.

 50 cent has been grabbing a lot of attention from the masses since he has announced that he has collaborated with Tekashi for an upcoming song called “Get the trap”.

While this is all about what is going on in 50 cent’s life, we will keep you updated with more such stories only on The Flow online. For more information and details, call or mail.


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