A family affected by Hurricane Harvey gets its new home from SLIM THUG

new home from SLIM THUG

People of Houston are still suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Even though one year has passed and most of the people have started rebuilding their properties to live a better life once again, a lot out of them have still not come out of the trauma. This in return have made them physically and mentally so weak and lethargic that their abilities to do something for their families and own selves have almost got zero.

This big natural disaster has ruined lives of many. And there is nothing that anybody can do about it. While great deal of help is provided to the people of this region, some out of them are still suffering from major troubles and this is exactly when slim thug has given away a home to a family. He along with his company has teamed up with IJustGotHit.com and Radio Houston to gift a newly renovated home to this family which has been drastically affected by this huge hurricane.

During a press conference Thug mentioned:

"I always say whenever something bad happen to me, don't trip, get excited because I know something good coming after that. So hopefully, whoever dealin' with this situation, whoever lost their home. You know whoever family had to suffer from the hurricane... I hope this turn into a blessing,"

"Hopefully we can come together and it inspires other people to come together to keep giving back to the community.”

While this is all about how Thug contributes to this cause. We will keep you updated about what other celebs are doing for it and other causes. For more details, remain in touch with us at The Flow online. You can mail or call us in case of queries or more information. 

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