Eminem performs Venom on Jimmy Kimmel!

Eminem performs Venom on Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel plans to come across with something different this week. He sets his theme to "Back to Brooklyn" and hence broadcasts his show from Brooklyn Academy of Music's Howard Gilman Opera House, New York City. Eminem was invited to his show as a musical guest, where he performed energetically on VENOM. 

However, rather than sharing the stage with Kimmel, the artist climbed up the empire state building to stand on top of it while giving away his performance. It was an eight-minute long performance, the clip of which can be seen easily on social media and other video broadcasting platforms. 
While this was who arrived on this show first, the next two guests to arrive on his show, this week are no less than Eminem. As per the sources, Kimmel has decided to invited Cardi B on Wednesday and Wu Tang Clan on Friday to set fire on his stage. For more updates on what happens when these two arrive, remain in touch with us at Flow Online. For more information and details, visit our website. You may also drop a mail or call us up for enquiries and feedbacks. 
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