Cardi B announces the release of her new single!

Cardi B announces the release of her new single
Cardi B hasn't come up with any solo track since her debut album, Invasion of privacy which got dropped out this year. Howbeit, she has been teasing her fans a lot since a long time telling how she is planning to come up with a plethora of tracks soon. While what she is working on is completely known to her entirely, what we know at this point in time is that she has announced her new single release. According to Cardi, the solo track is going to be released on 25th October at 12:30 pm. The title of the track is "money" and the announcement of the same has been done through a popular platform called Instagram. 
This track was earlier going to release on 26th, but as per her new update, the release takes place a day prior. Along with the news, she has also updated the cover image of the track which depicts a girl covered in a gold outfit. After her success of GIRLS LIKE YOU, fans are all excited to know what she has now to drop for the pleasure of their eyes and ears. 
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