Next Rolling Loud hip hop fest to take place in Australia

 Rolling Loud hip hop fest
Rolling Loud has become a priority fest for all those people who are huge hip-hop fans. The event has taken place in Miami twice and it is Australia where it will be organized, next.  Both the events turned out to be amazing and this perhaps is the chief reason why the population is going crazy for the forthcoming event.

Matt and Tariq have put their best to bring together all the best performers from all across the world to make this event a success. Be it Miami, Los Angeles or Bay Area, the quality of their show only got better. Their aim of expanding it and taking it to more places is now getting executed. After their amazing shows in Oakland, LA and Miami, it is Sydney which will have the 2019 show. 
They took to Instagram to share the news that Australia will be their next mission. The event is most likely to take place on January 27th (according to their Instagram caption). The details of the same will soon be declared by the organizers. 
Keep in touch with us at Flow Online to acquire more details about the event as they come out. For more information about the festival, write us an email or give a call. We wish to hear from you soon. 
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