Drake teams up with a strip club for a new merch line!

Drake teams up with a strip club for a new merch line!
Drake’s love for strip clubs has gone high to a complete new tangent. He has recently collaborated with one of the best and most famous strip clubs of Atlanta for a new merch line. Drake and this new team “Magic city Atlanta” are coming up with a merch line that will be called “Scorpion City”. The line includes a range of items such as graphic tshirts, sweatshirts that will have glow in dark graphics and sweatpants.


This project has a collaborative theme which includes Drake’s new project and Magic city’s official logo. The release of the same came shortly after Drake’s short trip to Atlanta where he spent three nights all together. Certain items from this line are already available in the market place on Tour life’s website along with some other customized products.


Drake’s love for magic city is clearly depicted through this initiative and it is believed that the same will keep growing till he is able to acquire maximum amount of satisfaction out of it. While this is all about what is happening currently in Drake’s professional life. We will soon give you more updates on what’s going on in other hip hop celebrities life and personal relationships. For details, call or mail. 

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