Jimmy Kimmel's show has a new performance!

H.E.R delivered performance JIMMY KIMMEL show
H.E.R delivered another great FATE performance recently when she was invited to the LIVE JIMMY KIMMEL show. She appeared on the stage gracefully! Not only did she wear a pair of amazing sunglasses but also took along an acoustic guitar to connect with the audience, just the way they like it from her end. She added Earth Song to her performance which is one of the best hits by Michael Jackson 
Wearing her heart on the sleeve, she went on with some soulful performances grabbing complete attention of whosoever was present in that area. 
While talking to High Snobiety, this is what she stated: 
"I think most women, we have intuition. We always know what we always want to find out," "We always want to be wrong, and we hate when we’re right at the end of the day. People say we love to be right. That’s not true. We don’t like to be right, because usually we know when it’s the truth."
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