Abel found singing to Bella in Abu Dhabi!

Abel found singing to Bella in Abu Dhabi
Despite some plethora of big fights and breakups, Bella and Abel still come across as relationship goals to many. The duo was recently found in a club in Abu Dhabi, where Abel sang "Unforgettable" for his one and only, after which Bella rubbed his hair and sang one of the popular songs, back to him. 
The couple was found in Abu Dhabi this weekend during Thanksgiving because of The Weeknd's queued performances which he has to give one after the other. 
The two are found making the most of their trip by not only posting videos from the club, but also some other adventurous selfies where the two pose in a deserted area all ready to enjoy their rides on motorbikes. 
These images are everyone on IG, including Bella Hadid's personal profile. For more information on what happens next in the couple's life, stay connected with us only at Flow Online. For further details and queries, ring up or simply drop a mail. 
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