Ellen comments on Cena's new haircut!

Cena's new haircut
John Cena recently stopped by Ellen on Monday in his new haircut, which is gradually becoming a matter of public interest these days. The wrestler turned actor has been keeping at bay all sorts of cuts so that his hair can grow till a certain length. 
Here is a quick glance at the conversation that took place on Monday: 
"It's weird to see you with hair," said Ellen on seeing him. "Weird? I thought we could start with, 'hello, nice to see you again,'"  responded Cena on getting such a reaction from Ellen.  "We're just so used to seeing you with no hair," she replied
Cena has not changed his hairstyle in 40 years and it is the first time that he has come up with one. 
"Why not embrace the uncomfortable for once?" is what he said later. Adding, "It's been awesome because WWE fans are very dedicated and very devoted," "I went to film a movie in China and the movie was six months long, and in the process, I grew my hair out." 
While how good or bad it looks on him is a secondary issues, what matters at this point of time is how he himself feels about it. With many more such stories, soon and only on Flow Online. Keep connected.
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