Meek Mill's lyrics have a purpose!

Meek Mill's lyrics have a purpose!
Meek Mill has done a great job when it comes to producing music, because not only has he worked on their rhythm, tone and quality but also on the lyrics. He has always wanted to put across something that has a meaning. And his lyrics have helped him in achieving this goal, successfully. 
His recent album CHAMPIONSHIPS which got released on November 30th, is doing pretty well in the market place not only because of its's great tracks but also the lyrics that each number is infused with. 
Here's what these tracks are: 
  1. Intro
  2. Trauma
  3. Uptown Vibes
  4. On Me
  5. Whats Free
  6. Respect The Game
  7. Splash Warning
  8. Championships
  9. Going Bad
  10. Almost Slipped

Take a quick look on these lyrics of a few from the above mentioned list, to know what power and strength this album contains: 

"When you bring my name up to the judge, just tell him facts Tell him how we fundin' all these kids to go to college Tell him how we ceasin' all these wars, stoppin' violence Tryna fix the system and the way that they designed it I think they want me silenced (Shush) Oh, say you can see, I don't feel like I'm free Locked down in my cell, shackled from ankle to feet Judge bangin' that gavel, turned me to slave from a king Another day in the bing, I gotta hang from a string Just for poppin' a wheelie, my people march through the city From a cell to a chopper, view from the top of the city"

"They told Kaep' stand up if you wanna play for a team And all his teammates ain't saying a thing (Stay woke) If you don't stand for nothing, you gon' fall for something And in the 60's, if you kneeled, you'd prolly be killed But they don't kill you now, they just take you out of your deal"

While this is all about how Meek is keeping his game strong, we will give you updates on what's coming next on his charts. For more details, stay connected with us at Flow Online. 

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