Justin Bieber seeks treatment for depression

Justin Bieber seeks treatment for depression
It seems like just yesterday when JB and his wife Hailey were grabbing a lot of attention from the masses. Not only were they the prime subject of Vogue's cover story but also various other magazines and news agencies who were doing constant stories on them regularly. 

Justin has suffered through a plethora of difficulties in his journey of being a man from a boy with a basic youtube profile. Roads have never been seamless for him. He has given in plenty of efforts to become what he is today. His success has come to him after relentless hard work, commitment and solid vision. But while masses have seen him grow into someone better, they have also witnessed various negative stories about him which involved cases of drugs and other disturbances. 
The latest report about this famous and beloved artist states that he is seeking treatment for depression. 
"Justin seems down and tired," "He has been struggling a bit."  "It's just something else that he struggles with mentally,"
While he keeps on saying that he has discovered a different kind of happiness since he has married, the celeb is still facing issues on other matters due to which he has come to this state where he has actually consulted somebody to treat his depression.  
Our team at Flow Online wishes him a positive mindset and godspeed recovery. May God give him all the strength to come out of the phase he is battling with.  
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