Meek Mill crops out Nicki Minaj in twitter story!

Meek Mill recently clapped back at comedian and actor Michael Rapaport after he commented on him, saying "not even top 20 in Philly". Meek on this case decided to bring ahead an old memory of his and Michael where Rapaport asked for a selfie. Meek took to Twitter to recall this story and this is what he wrote in the captioning department "Me: ayo yo who this? Anonymous: I think it’s the guy from white men can jump? Him: meek you so fire you give me that feeling what hip hop is missing ima fan “can I get a selfie”? Hurry up go head," 
This pic is of a ballgame. But while Meek only posted a part of the picture, Michael is the one to put across the full picture which also has Nicki added into the same. Not just this but what comes out as a shock is just that the Philly rapper, referred to Nicki as anonymous. 
Now what comes across as a big question here is that why did Meek crop Nicki in the picture? Is it because he is still not over her or it's just that he didn't want to get her into this feud?
While we at Flow Online still wait to find out what the actual reason behind this is. Stay connected with us to know the latest updates on a regular basis. 
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