Logic's new album is on the way!

Logic's new album
Logic has come up with some really exciting plans this year. In 2018, it clearly seemed that he was on a rampage as he released two projects one after the other in a very short span of time. And this was not it, with these drops he also announced that he is working on a book along with a film which is about to get released soon. but while this was all about 2018, the artist even in this new year has shown that he has been working on his projects seriously and relentlessly. 
His debut novel named as Supermarket is all prepared to get published on the coming March 26th. And with this, he is about to give some news on the arrival of his new music too. The rapper took to social media for debuting his song and stated that the release of the same will soon be made. 
On Twitter, he recently has uploaded a new post, to throw light on a new project called Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. The announcement has been made with an upload of unnamed audio and visual. Though the release date is not out yet, we are sure this is about to come out in a few months. 
For more details on this new project and the artist, remain in touch with us at Flow Online.
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