Kylie's one-year-old daughter already loves bags!

Kylie's one-year-old daughter already loves bags!
Travis Scott's and Kylie Jenner's one year old daughter Stormi Webster has already shown us what she has in her luxury shoe collection. And while it was like just now when we were not getting over her amazing shoes that she has come up with something new, and this time it is her obsession for purses. Kylie has recently taken it to social media to upload a picture of her daughter where Stormi is holding a pink Hermes purse which costs $8k. 
While that was just one image, another picture from the same day was too shared where the baby girl was seen taking small steps but without losing hold of the bag. And this was clear enough for all of us to interpret that she is already on the roll. Her new obsession seems stylish yet very cute at the same time. 
The caption of the image is: "She won’t let go of that purse,"
"Kourtney gave me this, which I think is super cute,"  Kylie mentioned in a clip on Youtube. "I was really surprised, because I feel like Kourtney never really cares about Christmas gifts, so when she gave me this last year, it was really special." "This one, I'm definitely going to let Stormi wear, probably, when she says, 'Mommy I want to carry a purse.' So this is probably going to be her first purse."
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