Drake reveals his new project!

Drake reveals his new project
It's been less than a year since Drake has gained immense love, success and appreciation on his Scorpion project, that he is already on the roll to give out something new. He had been found pretty silent since then but now the ice has been broken and it has been revealed that a follow up on the same is being worked upon. 
"I think what I'm gonna do -- I kinda actually started last night to be honest with you. But I think what I'm gonna do after this is I'mma go home, I'mma make a new album so I could come back to London next year and we could do this again,"  
he said while announcing his new project!
Seems he could release it by the end of this year or during the beginning of 2020. And while he doesn't come out as a person who usually releases during the mid-year, we are hoping something from his end soon by the end of this year or the starting of the next. 
And while he has already spoken about the project he is working on, there is a chance that these two could be dropping out soon - "What a time to be alive 2", "Future".
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