Dave East on his opinion on "Old Town Road"

Dave East on his opinion on "Old Town Road"
Dave East has grabbed a lot of attention after throwing light on his opinion regarding "Old Town Road". His statements have not only lead to an emerging storm on social media but have also affected his image in many ways. And now that so many questions are being asked, here's what he has to say: 

"I have the No. 1 song in the country. I do not give a fuck what Dave East is saying."  Then y'all gon' ask the lil n***a what he think about what I say. He's not supposed to give a fuck about what I say -- I don't give a fuck what nobody say," he said. "I couldn't even get mad at lil' homie. That's a kid. Doin' his thing, man. Bad song. Internet tried to twist the whole shit."
He had to initiate a live session on his IG to face his fans and address their questions.   
And while he has given all that he could to justify why he spoke what he spoke, people also say that he is supposed to dislike it because HIP HOP needs him to do so. 
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