Melyssa Ford talks about her accident in detail!

Melyssa Ford talks about her accident in detail!
The hip hop model Melyssa Ford opens up about her accident to talk about how her Jeep collided with an 18 wheeler truck and caused her a major brain injury. This story has been shared on Hollywood Unlocked where she mentions it boldly that she is lucky to be alive. 
"The reality of the situation is it was 12:37 pm, bright and early," "Eighty degree, perfectly clear day. I had my phone that had directions, mounted. I had my seatbelt on. My jeep wasn’t in its convertible fashion. It had its roof on. That becomes part of the story later. And I had all my facilities, meaning no open containers, nothing."

"Once the impact hit the back tire, the car just started to spin out of control," "So I started spinning the wheel in the opposite the direction, counterclockwise. But then I took my feet off the pedals, in order to not increase or decrease speed. But the way it was going, I knew it was going to flip. I knew it. But then I also thought to myself, I’m not going to make it. It’s seconds but they also feel like an entirety at the same time."

So when my jeep came to rest upside down. Once it landed, my head hit the pavement. So that’s what cracked open my head. I had a skull fracture, my head was cracked open like an egg. My brain was bleeding, massive concussion. I was knocked out. I don’t know how long I was out. But from what I’ve been told, good samaritans, whoever you are, thank you for everything. They stopped and apparently, three guys picked up my jeep and the fourth one pulled me out. The pictures you guys saw, I saw at the same time. One of the guys took pictures to prove that he actually stopped to help someone on the highway."
Her interview has been recorded which you can check out on the internet to discern each and everything visually. For more such stories, remain in touch with us at Flow Online.  
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