Meek Mill plans to sue Cosmopolitan Hotel

Meek Mill plans to sue Cosmopolitan Hotel
The Las Vegas Cosmopolitan seems to be in hot water these days and what comes as a surprise is that Meek Mill is too involved in it. The rapper had arrived in the hotel to attend the DJ Mustard concert but was denied the entry by the security. According to an old news piece, this situation had arisen due to the tension that was created during his previous visit to the hotel. Howbeit, Meek comes out saying that nothing of such sort ever occurred and whatever happened this time was highly offensive and not acceptable.
"The cosmopolitan issued a statement that it was over capacity at a pool party why I was banned but told me I would be arrested just for stepping on their property even if I went to eat on the property 'not at the pool party' doesn’t even make sense,""And I don’t care about that casino I bring in millions every time my name mentioned on a Vegas casino event where I am always welcome ... but y’all not gone just treat us like sh*t and act like it’s normal 🤷🏾‍♂️ Put some respect on our race 'please and thank you'."  Meek tweeted. 

And while nothing is clear as to what will happen next, we hope that nothing major comes out from both the ends. Looking forward to how Meek plans his next step, remain in touch with us at Flow Online to acquire updates on the same. 
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