TRIBUTE: Lisa Left-Eye Lopes


Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes
By Matthew Shack 05/01/2002



"She was good as she was fair, None-none on earth above her! As pure in thought as angels are: To know her was to love her."-Samuel Rogers 

People talk a good game. All this talk about, "I am this and I am that. I am better than this person and those people. I am about to do this and I am about to do that." But, when it comes time to show and prove? 


Nothing, but talk.


Originality has been bestowed upon us all; no two people are exactly alike. However, very few of us embrace our originality and are willing to pay the price for that cause. We are too busy trying to wear an Afro like Kobe Bryant and braids like Alicia Keys. We do not want to stand out...we want to blend in! 

Left Eye stood out like 'four elephants sitting inside of an airport terminal'.She was the epitome of 'the one and only'. She truly did not care what people thought when it came down to what she believed in. 

She burned down Andre Rison's crib because in her mind? She had to. Luckily, his ass was not at home or it would have been ALL BAD for him! I like 'Dre, so I am glad he was not. 






Lisa was the crazy in 'CrazySexyCool'. She was NO joke. But, she cared for people. She had integrity and humility. When you have integrity, you are true to yourself. When you have humility, you understand that you are not the center of the universe and put those who are worthy...first. 

Only those, WHO ARE WORTHY. The rest of you?...Get the GAS FACE!! 

She was beautiful and by far the prettiest of TLC, at least to me. We used to argue about who was the finest member. Chilli would ALWAYS have the most votes; Left Eye the least... mine! "Left Eye?? Man, she's crazy," they would say. But I would always have her back, "Yeah, but she is finer than a (fill in the blank)." 

Her talent was unmistakable. The girl could "flow". Listen to 'Ladies Night'. She puts it down. She was flamboyant, mercurial and eccentric. To promote safe sex, she wore a pair of glasses with a condom in place of the left-eye lens.What is more blatant than that? She was real. We loved her aura and her spirit. It should not take a person to leave this earth for us to appreciate them. Nevertheless, it always does. 

We are still recovering from the loss of Aaliyah. 

After that tragedy? 9/11. 

Nine months later? Left Eye is gone. 

Life can be foul when it wants to be. 

Her reaction to the death of Aaliyah was this;



"It was very shocking news. I was just getting off a plane, I'd just arrived in London and the person from the record company that met me said, 'Did you hear about Aaliyah'?. 'No.' 'She died in plane crash.' "It just seemed like a dream. Goodness, that has got to be one of the scariest ways to die. She started very young and she had such a promising career ahead of her. I didn't know her personally but I met her once backstage at an event." 

Irony is another one of life's side-effects that worries us because we as human beings are vainer than vain. 


Life does not make sense to us is not suppose to. 


Lisa Nicole Lopes, the loss of your spirit, talent and beauty creates a void that will never be filled again. 


We love you...we miss you..kiss God for us and rest in peace. 

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