FLYGOD Is An Awesome God" tracklist revealed!

FLYGOD Is An Awesome God" tracklist revealed!
Westside recently took to Instagram to reveal his album's tracklist as well as the line of guest rappers and producers. Though he does not clearly tell which rapper has done what, whatever he has dropped is sufficient enough to know that something really interesting is on way. 
The track list is as follows: 
1. Jul 27th
2. Sensational Sherri
3. Bautista
4. Lunchin
5. Ferragamo Funeral
6. Thousand Shot Mac
7. Birkin
8. Pete Sake
9. Amherst Station 3
10. Dance Floor Love
11. Gunnlib
12. Lakers Vs Rockets 
The album is all set to arrive on the 5th of July. Wishing the team all the best and waiting for what all it brings with its arrival. For more such stories, remain in touch with us at Flow Online. 
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