Terry Crews on his old issues with the wife!

Terry Crews on his old issues with the wife!
Terry Crews has always been that person who never liked sharing personal details with fans. In 2016 he had gone through a lot due to the statements that he had admitted about himself. But that was still not all, it was after this incident that his wife too walked away, irritated by his habits that he was finding hard to let go of. 

When my wife walked out,"  "She was like, 'I'm done with you,' and it was something...the porn use led to me being unfaithful years earlier. What happened was, after years of hiding and not saying anything, she confronted me."
 "She was like, 'What is it that I don't know about you Terry Crews?' And I told her. She was like, 'That's it. I'm out.' I was like, 'Then go on, bye!' Then what happened [was], I was literally thinking ‘It’s her. It’s her fault,' but then I realized, it was me. And all of a sudden, I knew I had to change.”
It was a stronghold, but I thank God I'm out of it."he spoke after saying he had to go to rehab."You learn that you’ve learned a lot of wrong things," he said of what he took away from time in treatment. "I learned to correct them. Now, my wife and I are better than ever. We’re back together. 
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