ASCAP: 2002 Rhythm and Soul Awards

The 8th Annual ASCAP Awards 
Story and Interviews by Matthew Shack 

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Beverly Hills, CA- The 15thANNUAL ASCAP RHYTHM & SOUL AWARDS, announced this year's 2002 winners and, feautred some of the brightest stars in music, film and, television. The Flow had an opportunity to speak with them. 

Jimmy Jam 1


Jimmy Jam


TFM: There's a lot of people out there who've been inspired by your music and they don't have a real grasp on what it takes to write a really good song other than," how you feel about it " and those kind of things. What is the most important aspect? Is the 'hook' more important than the lyrics? Or is the music more important than what's being said?


JJ: To write a great song you need all of those elements. I think you can have a hit song with a great beat or a hit song with a great melody or a hit song with a great lyric but, to have a great song, you need all of those elements.That's what to me what's basic songwriting is about. You should be able to take the beat away from something and all the production trappings and just sit at the piano, sit at a guitar and be able to do that. I've been really encouraged by a lot of the young songwriters out here that I hear, particularly people like India.Irie and Alicia Keys. They write songs with great melodies that you can just sit at the piano or sit at a guitar and just play. But, that's what to me makes a great song.


TFM: How do you feel about instrumentation? I know that your a person that built his career on playing instruments. Do you kind of feel that it's going back in that direction or do you have a little more respect for those artists that can play an instrument in comparison to artists that are producer-driven?


JJ: I respect whoever's out there doing their thing. If you have an ability to play an instrument, it's a wonderful thing. But, I won't say that someone is better because they can play an instrument. It just happened to be for me that the way I came up. There's a lot of great people. When I mentioned India.Irie and when I mentioned Alicia Keys your talking about people that play an instrument. So, obviously I think that it helps with the songwritng aspect to be able to play..





 RL (from NEXT)



TFM: What's up baby? 



RL: I'm chillin', how are you?




TFM: You looking kinda dapper..doin' the damn thang.


RL: [I'm] just try'na flow...just try'na flow.




TFM: A lot of brothers, wish they were in your shoes. You're living the life as a baller, you're doin' your thing, you've got those pipes goin' on. How's it really going with the groupies? I heard a story about you over in Europe. 


RL: That was real!! That was real!! I mean... I'm 25 now, so now things have changed. My responsibilties have changed. My outlook on life has and safety issues and false accusations of other artists that I've learned. I 've watched and seen things happen. So, for me it's more about safety and I respect women. You know back then, I was just trying to live. It was new encounters. When you see new things, you explore. Like, the first time you tried candy. You just have to keep eating it. But, it ain't good for you so you can't eat as much. So, I can't have as much.



Musiq 1


Musiq Soulchild



TFM: How does it feel to be the new 'representative of love' for R&B?


Musiq: I wouldn't neccessary call myself that but, I appreciate the compliment. It feels good.


TFM: That's not something that I just made up. They're playing all your songs at weddings, christenings of babies and all that stuff. You have a really big following and a real big influence in the community in regard to your songs.


Musiq: Man, I appreciate it.



WC 1



WC (Dub C)




TFM: What's up, Dub?


WC: What's CREEZE-AKIN'!! How you feel?


TFM: Alright. There's a lot brothers out there doing they thang and trying to put the independent records out and they ain't getting a shot by the industry. What kind of advice can you give them brothers, man? 


WC: Keep grindin'! Keep grindin'! You don't need 'em. They gonna come to you. They need you more that you need them. right now. Keep grindin'.Get out there and make it happen and when you start bubblin' like that cookie, believe me gonna come and they gonna want a bite.

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