SZA dropping a new project before her album!

SZA dropping a new project before her album
It's been quite a very long time that we heard anything from SZA's end. It was last in 2017 when something got emerged from her side and ever since it has been nothing at all in the direction of music. Howbeit, this week her fans got lucky as she announced the arrival of a new project before her album launch. 
OK, I’ll tell you the true tea," "True tea: I’m probably gonna drop like a little project before my album so I can just get it out of the way. Because realistically speaking, if you leave it up to my foolish ass, it’ll be here in quite some time."  she stated leaving the entire audience in the craze. She also added that a lot of her fans already know what this is going to be about as they know of her tracks. On seeing the happiness and cheerfulness amongst them she then said "But I do have… the ones that you guys know are the ones that I will be dropping, and if you research what you should know, then you know."
Before this, SZA was heard in collaboration with Travis Scott and The Weeknd to produce GAME OF THRONES hit Power is Power. 
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