Nicki Minaj on how she wrote the "Hot Girl Summer" verse

Nicki Minaj on how she wrote the "Hot Girl Summer"
When two popular and immensely talented artists come together for collaboration through an organic connect then there is only one outcome of it and it is called success. Talking of none other than Nicki Minaj and Megan, the forthcoming track of the duo called "Hot Girl Summer" is all set to leave fans in a crazy mood. Megan recently announced that the song that is dropping on the August 9th has Nicki and Ty Dolla $ign featured. 
"B*TCH! The fkn fact we got a track from a random IG FaceTime and then it was a GENUINE link. Like DUDE. This is fkn MAJOR 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉," One of Nicki's fans tweeted after getting to know that it was all unplanned.  
"So true," "I was right on the verge of losing my voice & it was mad late so I was already sounding like a man. But once I heard the song I fell in love. Wrote it b4 I went to sleep. None of that was planned. I had no idea meg was on live or that she would want to go live 2gthr♥️♥️."  She said. 
And while everyone has their own statement and opinion, there's one thing that our team at Flow Online can predict that "Hot Girl Summer" is going to be a super hit. 
Wishing the entire team ALL THE BEST! 
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