Vince Staples signs a new record deal

Vince Staples signs a new record deal
Vince Staples is doing a great job these days as he is making big moves one after the other to keep himself and his career going. He has been telling us about his new project since the release of FM by teasing it and it seems like its drop has come close. Not that we were thinking it will be too late, but the time when he is planning on releasing it is earlier than we anticipated.
A recent report states that Vince Staples has inked a new record deal with Motown through none other than Blacksmith Recordings. This announcement was made at the Capitol Congress on Wednesday and why will it not be this special after all Stapes has released his recent three projects through the help of Def Jam only. 
"My mission through Blacksmith Recordings is to nurture young and new talent from the ground up and enable them to expand their vision of success,"  Corey Smyth (who launched Blacksmith Recordings) stated after the label launch. We are looking at the big picture, thinking about how a musician evolves across genres, what success looks like in the first year and a decade later and what happens after the first album, the second and the third. Our goal is to reinforce career longevity and boundless potential in the artists we represent, while growing global brands around them."
 Hopefully, we will get a new release from Vince's end before the end of this year. For more updates on same and furthermore stories, remain in touch with us at Flow Online. 
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