Sharpton addresses audience through this tweet!

Rev. Sharpton arrived as a guest in the Harlem week and threw light on how the social media had divided into two parts, one Jay Z and the other Kaepernick. He stated that the real problem is not of finding which out of the two is right but the audience which is getting wavered from the clear picture of the story and it’s real meaning.

“This ain’t about Colin Kaepernick’s knee,” he said at an event. “It’s about choking Eric Garner to death, it’s about the shooting of Tamir Rice, it’s about Michael Brown.“They asked [me] ‘What do you think about Jay Z? They’re calling him a sellout and all that.’ I said, ‘The issue is Jay Z has done documentaries around and about [Kalief] Browder and other things. I’m not attacking Jay Z and I won’t participate until Kaepernick has a job. The issue is Eric Garner. This issue is Tamir Rice. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture.”

Not just this but he also posted a video of his on social media (Twitter) to highlight on this topic in detail. He wants the audience to pick up one side with the right approach and not just by being in a herd race. He wants them to build up on it through a correct process which will not just help them stay updated with what is right but will also make them confident about the side they choose to stand with.

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