Joe Jonas acquires a spot from Lil Nas X

"Old town road" has been one of the most loved and popular songs by Lil Nas X. The same is not just in steam amongst the artist's fans but the industry people too as Young Thug and Mason Ramsey were found hopping on its remix last month.They added their verse to the same to annex a little more to the beats and turns out the hype for the song has increased to a complete new tangent. 
But before this remix was released, something else came out from Lil's end and this one is for none other than Joe Jonas. Earlier this week, during the Video Music Awards were seen both Lil and Joe. Post the same was found a picture on twitter where Jonas brothers shared a picture of Joe with Lil. 
"My old town road remix never made the cut ☹️" Lil Nas X responded to the tweet with some encouraging words when he assured Jonas that he would be welcomed on the remix of his debut album's second track, "Panini." said the caption. 
"Imma let u on panini don’t worry," Lil stated in reply. 
"i was with the jokes last night but really i want to thank my dad for paying my phone bill every month while watching me try to make a career from memes. i want to thank my sister bianca for letting me leach off of her while promoting my music online lol. i want to thank my brother tramon for driving me to the studio that night! i want to thank the engineer cinco for getting my vocals right for this song. i want to thank kio for putting together this amazing beat. i want to thank trent reznor for allowing this song to continue to flourish. i want to thank ron perry for the dedication he showed to making this song go diamond. i want to thank wes & zach for every place they have got me too along this ride. i want to thank kj rose for the confidence she puts in me to go out on stage. i want to think phylicia and tiara for being the big sisters i need. i want to thank calmatic for putting together such an amazing video. i want to thank my nephew chase for being my first real fan. thank you to all the fans who keep me going everyday! and thank you to anyone i missed!!! ❤❤😌 " Lil wrote as caption on his Instagram with a video upload. 
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