Fat Joe explains rapper son that not all hip hop kids become successful

Fat Joe explains rapper son that not all hip hop kids become successful
No matter what industry it is, children often wish to follow the same path as their parents even if it is a difficult one. In hip hop, this trend turns out to be a little too active because kids tend to have an attraction towards the kind of lifestyle their parents live with. Howbeit, this enticement is not based on the car collection their mommies and daddies own or the exclusive wardrobe they get to flaunt, but actually the hardwork they put in to give their best while on the stage. 

But while this is what the hip hop kids like to consume from their end, the parents on their side have a different story to depict and a new teaching to give to them. In a clip, Fat Joe is seen instilling a new kind of concept into his son where he wants to explain how difficult it might also become for the hip hop kids to make a place for themselves in this industry. 

"A lotta people man, they don't understand that it's actually harder for a successful [rapper's] son or his daughter to become successful in the hip hop game," "It's almost impossible. All of them tried it." Joe said to Ryan. 

"You know that boy put out like, ten mixtapes before he popped off," "I can tell you about fifty rapper's sons that never made it." "Every rapper's son who tried to make it really fell short. This hip hop game is a constant hustle. There's no way around it. No money is guaranteed. You have to continue to hustle." He later added when Ryan refused to agree on the same and quoted examples. 

"It comes down to whether or not they're determined and I'm probably the most determined person in the world," Ryan states while calling his father delusional as for him all the kids become successful no matter what. 

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