Rick Ross and DJ Irie host Miami party for a good cause!

Rick Ross and DJ Irie host Miami party for a good cause!
There are plenty of reasons one can go to the club for. But what Rick Ross and DJ Irie has brought amongst us is new, good and highly beneficial. The duo has linked up with each other to host a Miami party for a good cause. The money that they will collect through this source will be given to those devastated and displaced in Bahamas due to the hurricane.
 “It goes a step further for me as I perform 20 to 30 shows per year there on average. So to work there, play there and enjoy all that is beautiful in the Bahamas on a regular basis, then we need to be there for them in times of disaster as well," Irie said and the good news is that they have already raised 10k from the party that was hosted by Rockwell on Monday.
“Mixing partying and charity is always a great idea,” “People work hard and are going through all types of things in their lives and partying can be a great outlet for people to enjoy themselves and bring a sense of balance to their lives. People feel good when they party so when you add in the charitable component it’s like you can feel good whilst doing good and what’s better than that?”   Irie further stated. 
Thanks to everyone that has been helping with supplies for the Hurricane Dorian survivors. We flew 2 planes full of supplies over this morning and everything has already been disseminated to the affected areas. Keep the supplies coming as we'll be making trips all weekend long into next week. Special thanks to @iriefoundation @flyingclassroom@stravproductions @rockwellmiami@friendsforglobalchange- Irie added as a caption on Instagram with a picture of men working on the supplies. 
Our neighbors in the Bahamas have suffered a catastrophic disaster in the form of Hurricane Dorian. My family and I know what it's like to go through this and lose everything as survivors of another Cat 5 storm, Hurricane Andrew. Thanks to the overwhelming kindness of so many faceless people we didn't have to go hungry or without clothes to wear. Let's all make sure the people of the Bahamas get the supplies they need as soon as possible. My team and I have been working with officials on the ground and these (swipe left) are the items needed most as of today. We've lined up planes to fly in the supplies directly to the affected areas departing Friday morning. Please take a good look and give whatever supplies you can no matter how big or small you'll be helping a fellow person in a time of extraordinary need. Thank you to our family @str_miami & @flyingclassroom for the support. - He stated again in the form of a caption with another post supporting the same. 
We wish the duo luck and light. For updated on the same and new stories, remain in touch with us at Flow Online. 
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