Kash Doll sees her spot on Billboard list as an accomplishment

Kash Doll sees her spot on Billboard list as an accomplishment
For some artists in the hip hop world, in the event that they don't arrive at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard outlines, they don't consider their collections to be a triumph. It has been observed that a few renowned craftsmen take to online life to yell about just making it to No. 2 while other people who ideated the fact that they would discover their name on the rundown didn't even make it to the main 200, by any means. Kash Doll isn't as critical with her incorporation, the Detroit rapper praised her first-ever time on the Billboard 200 graph with her followers and fans via web-based networking media.

"Yayyyy this my first time on the billboard charts with my first album! Keep buying and streaming bratz I’m very grateful ❤😛 (with no radio hit or pre order) and #14 on the rap charts!" she wrote on Instagram while announcing this accomplishment. 
"We did it bratz!!!!!!!! I love y’all soooo much yayyyyyyyyy this my first time so this means everything thing to me for my first album!!""Idc about non of that sh*t y’all talking bout lol cause if I didn’t chart y’all would b on this b*tch hoeing me 😂😂😂."   She mentioned on Twitter. 
And while there were a lot of people who stood with her and celebrated this victory, there also came some comments which criticised her. Howbeit, the best part was that none of this left any negative impact on her and hence she continued to appreciate it her style. 
Billboard recently on October 28th, updated a tweet on Twitter to give details about the list of what has been released and how many out of them could make it to their list. 
For more details about the same, you can check their official profile on Twitter. 
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